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New Zealand Natural
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yes, yes, I'm finally back. I've been wondering why I set this blog up too. Without confidence that even one lonely soul is reading this, AND a hectic schedule of work, choir and choir, I momentarily lost my writing drive. Zombies and gargoyle gummies! But anyway, the key thing is that I'm back, and with the new year (I'm sure the year starts in March somewhere in the world), I have a new type of post! This is officially my FIRST food review ever. In line with the theme of new, new, NEW, I also happen to be writing this on my first touch phone (android) which came all at once with a data plan. Talk about tech shock for a tech dino. For the interested, I'm using the OliveOffice app, which is... dumdumdum... FREE! What? Don't look at me like that. I'm a working student! (Heehee. Slight oxymoron.) I've got to be cheapo about some things. ;) But enough on this—on to the food!

I wasn't actually intending to set foot into New Zealand Natural (at NEX). My student's eye and sweet tooth were set on Mad Jack's teatime offer. It just so happened that I missed the offer time and as I was wondering about aimlessly, NZN's well-designed wall caught my eye. Apparently, the place specializes in ice cream, though it isn't obvious from the soups, salads, pastas and pastries screaming for attention on this menu-cum-wall. I was actually about to bookmark the place mentally and check out Putien's queue instead, but the well-trained eye of NZN's staff caught sight of me and she lured me in with friendly smiles and superpersuasion.

Well, faced with $5.90 mushroom pasta and a mere $3.50 add-on for ice lemon tea, soup of the day (mushroom!) and ANY ice cream of my choice, I was as helpless as a turtle in a tree. I went in.

First to arrive was my ice lemon tea, which I later realised was missing its lemon slice, later being when I finished my meal. -.- Ohwell, it's not like I don't like plain tea, plus I'd FINISHED mine. So, I was lemonless for the night.

Next to be heralded was my mushroom soup. Mm mm. I was expecting soup from a can, which is what we usually get at such affordable prices, but I was delighted to discover real mushroom soup thick with mushroom bits and... were my tastebuds deceiving me? Truffle oil? My main course hadn't even arrived and I was in heaven.

Let's not forget the presentation of the food. Who can resist a heart-shaped bowl?

And those crunchy croutons!

My carefully twirled aglio olio didn't disappoint either, though it was a tad too spicy for my wussy tongue. My OCD senses were thoroughly satisfied by the even spreading of shitake mushrooms throughout the dish. I would have found the portion slightly small had the price been higher, but as it was, I was pleased to have space for my 3-course meal + drink.

As shown here, one ice-cream short.

The runaway ice-cream, recaptured.

A close-up of my carefully twirled aglio olio, mushrooms OCD-style.

Service was fantastic and NZN is one of the rare places I don't feel ripped off when adding those nasty percentages to menu prices. Imagine my delight when I realised menu prices were COMPLETELY tax-inclusive! I was actually looking for a tip box to express my satisfaction. Astonishing.

I love that I was allowed to finish my whole meal before deciding on my desired ice cream flavour, which, by the way, was only restricted to... THE WHOLE MENU! Talk about one of the best deals I've ever come across.

They even have sorbet!

Although there was nothing remotely Kiwi about my meal besides the supposed bits of kiwi in my creamy Manuka Honey ice-cream, I love everything about this place—food, presentation and service, and I will DEFINITELY return.

One very satisfied customer later.

Even the syrup for tea is almost gone!


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