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Voice Exam. (Huh? What's That?)
Friday, July 30, 2010

It gives me a certain childish glee to be able to tell people I am taking a voice exam and get blank looks in return, and then have to explain to them that yes, there ARE singing exams, and yes, I AM taking one next Friday (6 August). And before you throw the words “CHEAP THRILL” in my face, let me tell you that it is ANYTHING but cheap. The exam itself (I’m doing Grade 5, by the way) cost $220. Don’t even get me started on the cost of my private lessons or the amount I have to pay the accompanist. And no, I’m not some rich kid. I’m immensely grateful to my parents for believing in me, even though I’m such a late starter (started private lessons less than two years ago) and for financing this expensive hobby-passion of mine.

So, what exactly do I have to do for this unheard-of exam? (I myself never knew it existed, till my parents suggested it.) Well, for Grade 5, I have to sing 3 songs with piano accompaniment and 1 folk song without accompaniment. There are specific lists for each grade, as with piano, and specific versions that are accepted. Interested in my repertoire?

List A: Nina (Italian love song by a mother about her lovesick daughter)

List B: Maria Wiegenlied, No. 52 from Schlichte Weisen, Op. 76 (German lullaby about Mary and Jesus) My apologies for being unable to type proper German alphabet.

List C: The Birds’ Lament, No.1 from The Aviary (English love song about 5 birds)

Folk Song: Molihua (Chinese love song)

Have you noticed the recurrent theme? LOVE. Ahh, if only I could identify with that. I’ve never been so in love that it’s crippled my capabilities, which is evidently the case in each of these songs. Side-note: at Grade 5, I’m only required to sing in 2 languages. I guess I’m the embodiment of the kiasu Singaporean. I mean, if I can sing 4, why not show off in hopes of a better grade, right?

It actually crossed my mind earlier this week to write about my voice exam, but I thought, “Hmm… Would anyone really be interested in my personal life?” Today, though, Mr. Daniel Tan was so intrigued by the existence of voice (singing) exams that he felt I should write about mine. And I’m pretty dry on ideas, so I’ve taken his suggestion. I’ll write about the actual exam itself next week, after it’s over. So, watch out for Part 2 of “Voice Exam. (Huh? What’s That?)”. It'll be like nothing you've ever read before. ;)


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