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The Karate Kid
Saturday, June 19, 2010

So I went to watch Karate Kid last night. Honestly, I haven’t had any intention to. I’m more a fantasy and sci-fi fan, and it’s movies like “The Vampire’s Assistant” and “Avatar” that I impatiently await. But my mum was curious to check out Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, and my dad was dying for a movie, so… my brother and I trooped along. I’m actually glad I chose not to opt out of that movie, because it had me laughing throughout, and it was a pretty fantastic family movie.

It’s hard not to be won over by Jaden Smith’s kiddish charm on-screen, especially when he has “Will Smith’s son” written all over his facial expressions. “Like father, like son” is an apt description for this acting pair! I was rather skeptical at the beginning, given that Jaden was handed the star role by his loving father cum producer. However, it’s evident that he doesn’t lack talent, and even more obvious is his effort, staring us in the face in the form of a six-pack on a 12-year-old! The physical rigour required by his role would shock any NS man, churning out a pre-teen who can cartwheel and do a split on balcony railings, among other mind-numbing feats I can’t even start to describe.

The plot may be predictable, and the characters spectacularly caricatured, but isn’t that just what you would expect from a Hollywood family blockbuster? 2 hours 20 minutes seems shockingly long for such a movie, but for every minute that wasn’t kung fu-packed, there was humour, and even some poignancy, hence it wasn’t unbearably draggy.

Mind you, the credits are something you should stay behind for, because they’re accompanied by a host of heart-warming pictures. Instead of the usual screen shots of movie scenes, you get to gasp over homely pictures of Jaden and his family, cast members, and other co-workers that charm the life out of you.

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