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Bloodsuckers and Furry Things
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I caught most of Interview With The Vampire on cable TV the other day. And enjoyed it.

Now, I’m not one of those vampire fan girls you find in bookstores and cinemas nowadays, which is exactly why I enjoyed Interview With a Vampire. It’s a good old-fashioned vampire show where vampires are bloodsuckers and not objects of desire. The show explores religion and morality, among other themes, in the context of a vampire’s life. It’s dark, and it’s fascinating. None of that glittering in sunlight with painted abs that Robert Pattinson does in Twilight. (I’m disgusted that his six-pack is made of make-up.) I’m not saying Twilight is a bad book, so please, if you enjoy it, don’t throw any rotten tomatoes at me.

I liked Interview With The Vampire because it follows the more traditional sense of what a vampire is, yet it isn’t the orthodox horror movie. I also like that they don’t turn into bats. That just doesn’t do it for me. I love the fact that they have a young girl turned into a vampire. It makes you ponder evil. She’s a kid. When she first kills for blood, you wonder if it’s because she’s inherently evil, or because, like every other kid, she’s just satisfying her desires and needs. Then there’s the star of the show—the vampire being interviewed (played by Brad Pitt, whom my mum claims is a beautiful man. I don’t know why, but I never really liked his features). When he’s first turned, he refuses to drink from humans, but as time passes by, he stops fighting his desire for human blood. Does that make him evil?

I guess the overriding factor that won Interview With The Vampire my favour is the fact that it doesn’t romanticize the immortal bloodsuckers. Honestly, any vampire show without the whole vampires-aren’t-evil-they’re-sexy spiel will make me happy, unless it’s a lousy movie with a low budget, of course. The whole concept of drinking blood is dark. How can you take it away and turn vampires into regular people who just happen to be stronger, live longer and… oh, steal from blood banks instead of kill people? Blood represents life, which is why drinking blood is a sin according to at least Judaism. I just don’t see how a bloodsucker can star in a fluffy romance.

Of course, you’re perfectly entitled to view vampires as fluffy, sexy extensions of the human race. I myself like werewolves. The fluffy, non-deformed type. In fact, I only watched Twilight for the shape shifters. Evidently, I’m a Jacob fan. Which is why I can’t stand the fact that the bloodsucker gets the girl. Uh, anyway. I love werewolves because, well, I love wolves. They’re beautiful, intelligent, and they hunt as a pack. What’s not to love? Vampire bats on the other hand, the closest natural creatures to vampires, are small, wrinkly and can’t see very well. Totally. Romantic. (Hear the sarcasm.) Since I love wolves and would love to experience hunting on four legs, of course I would love the modern romanticized werewolf. That’s not to say I’m unaware of the traditional werewolf, the one that has no control, is deformed, and as evil as the traditional vampire. I just choose to ignore that version.

But anyway, go check out Interview With The Vampire. The intrigue, suspense, and dark themes are totally worth your time.

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Santa Claus' Cookies
Friday, May 27, 2011

So far, I've either opted not to post entries I wrote that are too closely tied to my junior college or edited them slightly so they don't seem too out-of-place on this blog. However, the following post is nearly impossible to edit to cut out mentions of anything JC-related, yet I quite like it, PLUS someone commented, "Wow. That’s the longest post I have ever seen on 2 cookies (and a paper bag)!" Well, dang it, now I HAVE to post this! (Happy reading!)

See that above? That’s a paper bag. No way. Yes, way. Paper bags are cool. They rustle and they’re environmentally friendly. What more could you ask for? I mean, bio-degradable is the new black. Plus this one has a ribbon. RED AND SILVER. Talk about an early Christmas. Well, if you haven’t fallen in the love with the paper bag, you’re sure to fall in love with its contents.


Kidding, kidding. I don’t know if you can tell, but that paper bag in the picture is empty. I tried to fluff it out a little to make it look like it did when I first saw it, but I’m not sure I succeeded. Because there was actually something other than air in it, when I retrieved it from my teacher’s letter tray. Which teacher, you ask? None other than the teacher in charge of this awesome blog!

Okay, so it doesn’t sound that impressive when you still have that image of an empty paper bag in your head. Imagine this: you reluctantly untie that gorgeous red and silver ribbon, and carefully open the amazing paper bag (no, really, I love paper bags. No joke) and then you see your future inside. Two HUGE cookies. You start to hyperventilate right there and then, and your saliva glands go haywire, so much so a concerned fellow student asks if you’re having an epileptic fit, to which you sarcastically reply, “Of course, I’d totally be able to answer you now if I were.”

Well, of course, I didn’t hyperventilate and I didn’t drool. But I really was loathe to untie that pretty paper bag. But hey, food trumps all, and I knew there was food inside. You know, if food is the way to a man’s heart, then I must be a man! ;) No, no, I’m not queuing up for gender change. Surgeries just freak me out. Plus I’m happy being a girl. No NS for me!

So anyway, I fell in love on the spot. They were HUGE and ROUND and YUMMY-LOOKING. I love cookies. I don’t what it is that sets them aside from other biscuits, but if biscuits had gods, cookies would be them. They even sound adorable. Try it: cookies… I know why! There’s alliteration. xD I’m swooning just thinking about them. Of course, I ate them ASAP.

It’s all about instant gratification, baby.

(Okay, I’m not condoning instant gratification, so don’t sue me. I have no money to get a lawyer! Honestly, I don’t even agree with that line above. It just has a nice ring to it. At least, to me. If you disagree, go write your own post for this blog!)

Yes, well, I wasn’t the only one to get cookies, of course. All the J2s got cookies! (To give us energy for the dreaded MID-YEARS.) I think we all just died and went to heaven. Or maybe it’s just me. I think we already established that cookies are my future…

Kidding, cookies aren’t my future. They’re just part of my forever. I will never turn my back on cookies. ;) Those cookies were good quality cookies too, before I ate them up. *sighs dreamily* It was love at first sight…

Photo credit!: Randomosity’s 2 megapixel hand phone camera, Randomosity’s lousy photography skills, and Randomosity's Winx Club bedsheet for the awesome background.


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dictionary.com defines ageism as discrimination against persons of a certain age group.

The word “discrimination” is very loaded, wouldn’t you agree? It carries rather negative connotations of marginalization and the like. In actuality, I think ageism can be a pretty positive thing. I mean, come on, senior citizen discounts? They really rock my socks. I kinda can’t wait to turn 65 when I think of all the discounts I’ll get. It’s like the thrill you get when you can finally watch an NC16 movie in the cinema. (I’m a good girl; I’ve never snuck in. Or maybe I’m just too chicken. Heh.) Hmm, then again, it wasn’t so much being to watch NC16 movies legally as being able to gloat (a little) at my brother since he’s half a decade younger. Back to the Awesome Discounts for Oldies. (Much ADO about nothing, anyone? Okay, okay, enough of the lame jokes...)

Uh, anyway, my parents suggested that I go to Universal Studios this June holiday with my friends. And I was like, “Eh. So expensive… Okay lah, save up.” And my idea was saving up was $30, cos that’s how much I thought amusement park tickets cost. And that’s actually how much the most expensive item of clothing I’ve ever bought cost. It’s quite a hefty sum to me, especially since I have this dream of growing the money in my POSB bank account to $1000 by the time I’m 19. (And I have quite a lot of time cos I’m a November kid.) So anyway, Google-happy me went and Googled universal studios Singapore ticket price and when I saw the price $32, I was like, hmm, not too bad. And then I realized that was the Senior column. -.- And of course, I have to be in the age range 13 to 64 so that a One Day Weekday Pass would cost me more than double that: $66 to be exact. Well, there goes my visit to Universal Studios. I can say bye bye roller coasters and hello homework. Oh the joys of student life.

So anyway, I’m quite looking forward to the day I can get awesome discounts at random places all over the world, just cos I followed nature’s course. And my terribly jumpy thought process has led me to suddenly ponder the effects of the world’s current (past and future) obsession with immortality. Have you heard of cryogenics? It’s the science of preserving yourself in the freezer. Well, besides that, a whole bunch of scientists, and entrepreneurs (hear that, Entre Council? Immortality could be your next big gig), are quite into the whole living longer thing. Which includes freaky things like hormone treatment and telemores. (When your cells divide, your telemores in your DNA shorten. Eventually, they get so short you die.) So my question is: if you start living longer, do you still get these funky discounts?

It’s kinda weird how this whole post was inspired because I was revising for my ELL exam and reading the set of notes on Language and Age. The whole language influences views on age and cultural views on age influence language shebang. In fact, I was going to do something along the lines of 10 Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know About Ageism since my ELL notes have cool tidbits like the fact that there are a lot more terms (both neutral and derogatory) for children and the elderly than there are for middle-aged people, eg. kid, toddler, punk and senior citizen, old-age pensioner, old hag versus middle-aged person. But then I realized that a) the title is too long, and b) I don’t have ten distinct facts. So this (random) post came out instead. I’m telling you, my articles write themselves. It’s scary. Don’t believe your mother when she tells you your toys aren’t alive, cos my computer definitely is.


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