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Dating Your Mother 101
Sunday, September 12, 2010

I’m serious about this. I really am. Who said dates are strictly romantic? In my family, we have ‘mother-daughter’, ‘mother-son’ etc. dates all the time. Since, you know, ailing family relations are all the rage right now (at least in GP essays), I thought I’d give my two cents’ worth.

It’s all about quality time, right? Kay, so maybe that isn’t everyone’s love language, but it counts. I mean, how close would you be to a doting aunt who lives on the next continent but sends you a gift every week, even if your primary love language is Gifts?

So, here’s some of the stuff I do when I go out with my mum:


My mum and I do all of the above fairly regularly, and all our quality time has helped our relationship develop—to the point where she’s one of my best friends. Of course, our relationship is quite different as compared with what I have with other friends my age, since there’s still that age gap and the respect that has to be awarded her.

But anyway, my point is that having my Mum as a best friend has its perks. And if you aren’t close to your Mum, you really don’t know what you’re missing. I mean, she has a lot more life experience, and sometimes, when I’m in a dilemma, talking to her actually helps. She gives me practical advice, and even though she may not always be as comforting as I want her to be, sometimes it isn’t really comfort you need but cold hard facts. This is in contrast with teenage friends who have about as much life experience as you, and hence aren’t really much help, harsh as it sounds.

Go ahead. Try spending more time with your Mum. Doing the kind of stuff you’d do with other friends works. :)

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