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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


1. a bathroom fisture consisting of a bowl, usually with a detachable, hinged seat and lid, and a device for flushing with water, used for defecation and urination.
(from dictionary.com)

Synonyms for toilet: comfort station, restroom, throne, washroom, water closet, potty, outhouse, lavatory, latrine, water closet, loo, john.

(from thesaurus.com)

When I say the word ‘toilet’, maybe the first thing you think about is what people do in it. Ya know, the usual—pee, poop, to put it crudely. Then if you’re in a public place, maybe you start recalling that awful stench, and possibly the unwanted sounds of escaping gas, dripping excrements and plopping solids. Now, if you do your own chores, maybe you start thinking about the brand of cleaning liquid you use and how you’re running out of it and need to buy more.

Does the word ‘inspiration’ come to mind? I’m guessing… no.

Call me weird, but I get some of my best inspiration while I’m spaced out in the washroom. Honestly. The best inspiration usually comes when I’m bathing, since there’s more time to think while the water PUB has cleansed makes that soothing sound of imaginary rivers and flows down my back. Inspiration for WHAT? You may wonder. No, not for a prodigy toilet detergent. ;) Nor do I solve Math questions as my dad used to do in his sleep. No, I get inspiration for stories.

Yes, of course I write. I’m writing now, aren’t I? *peers over glasses on nose* But my preferred style of writing is fiction. Not the (hopefully) entertaining stuff I write for Maniac, or the below-par essays I write for GP (whoops! There goes my secret!). No, my first love is STORIES. Putting a world I have created with characters I’ve invented into words. I wrote my first book in Secondary 2. It was… horrible. I suppose, a good try for someone untrained, but ultimately, very lacking. In fact, I’m re-writing it right now. And OF COURSE, I mapped out many of my ideas in… the toilet, the star of today’s article. :) While the water flowed and my brother knocked on the door saying he needed to pee very urgently, I decided on the conflicts my characters would have, both internal and external, and tried, and failed, to decide who would be involved in a romance.

So… What is the point of my telling you all this? To let you know how weird I am? To entertain you? To… fulfill my quota? Nah. It’s to get you thinking about how YOU are weird, and what unusual things occur while you use that essential commodity called the [refer to list of synonyms above].

For the record, the inspiration for today’s piece was taken out of the dark air while I fell asleep. The bathroom isn’t my ONLY source of inspiration, you know, so’s my bedroom. (I was trying to think of some really random stuff to write on, to live up to my name, which I haven’t been doing very much lately.) Enjoy your next trip to our constant companion!


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